Music Together Weekly Update 02/21/20

 In Preschool Music Together


Have you ever seen a giant scrunchy?! We had so much fun using one this week to the song, “Merry-Go-Round” (songbook p. 13, CD Track – B15)  

You definitely don’t need a giant scrunchy to enjoy this song! You can have fun spinning and dancing to this song at home. Through spinning, young children develop their vestibular system (the inner ear system that controls balance, posture, and spatial orientation). In other words, it’s a way for children to figure out where their “center” is. Try using the song, Merry-Go-Round, to experiential with different ways your child can spin!

Try This at Home

Move to the music! You and your child can use a variety of circling and swaying motions to move to the waltz-like rhythm of this song. For example, while singing:

  • Circle one hand, and then the other
  • Circle both hands in one direction, then in the other direction
  • Swing your arms from side-to-side
  • Turn in a circle in place, first one way, then the other

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As always, please reach out to me if you need help or have any questions!


Musically Yours,


Ms. Kerby