Montessori Music Notes 02.14.2020

 In K-3 Montessori Music

This month we will be learning a classic folk dance from France! Le Carillon de Dunkerque (The Chimes of Dunkirk).  The dance Chimes of Dunkirk has long been used as an introductory social dance for elementary children. Have them teach you the steps at home to the music below:

Ms. DeWyke’s class lined up to dance!


This week the students learned the difference between beat and rhythm. Do you know the difference? Have your student explain it to you! We are also expanding our musical vocabulary students used hand drums to experiment with dynamics, (piano vs. forte).  In addition, students learned that rhythms can be played staccato or legato. In music, staccato means disconnected, while legato means connected. In our class, we introduce these musical concepts using our whole bodies to experience them before we ever see them on paper. This helps students gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that takes place through all of the senses, particularly kinesthetic.

-Ms. Kerby